Glory Riders Motorcycle Ministry of Indiana

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Glory Riders Motorcycle Ministry of  Indiana is a Congregation of GRMM. GRMM was founded by Chris  Johnson ( Lucky ) who currently resides in FL. You can view our Founder's web site by clicking the Founder's Site button below.

GRMM of Indiana is an old school, KJV based , MM which  started here in Indiana in Feb.2013 .We are a MM not a MC. We are about winning souls of Brothers and Sisters in the wind, not about territory. We are "on purpose" about evangelizing the lost folks in the motorcycling community and especially those in MCs. It is our goal to do this without compromising the Word of God. We are praying God will send some like minded Brothers and Sisters to assist us in the task of reaching lost motorcyclists in Indiana as well as Nationally with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are just looking for a patch to wear, we are not for you. If you are a soul winner with a fire in your soul to reach motorcyclists , check us out! To make sure and see the latest photos and what we are up to, click on the facebook icon and give us a like. Keep the shiny side up , the Lord bless you and we hope to see you in the wind soon!

Bro. Kenny

National/IN State Dir.

Glory Riders MM of Indiana

[email protected]