Glory Riders Motorcycle Ministry of Indiana

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 Our Congregation in Indiana is based out of Monticello, IN. We  began our work here in Indiana in Feb. 2013. We have been working benefit rides bike shows , dealer events and spending personal time with MCs when they invite us. It is a difficult task to try to build an MM with old fashioned  convictions and loyalty to the KJV Bible, but I believe my God is bigger than the task. I believe Christians in America and around the world need to return to the old paths of holiness and separation. The motorcycling community needs to see people who love to ride, love them and love the Lord enough to show them something different. Though the Apostle Paul said he became all things to all men, he went on to say that he did this not without the law of Christ. In other words he did not violate scripture or compromise to reach any particular people group. I believe we can win motorcyclists without compromise as well. This is where GRMM of Indiana is different than the norm. By the same token we do not wish to present a "holier than thou" attitude either.  We wish to do all to the Glory  of God until this ride on earth is over.

We are very much interested in getting entire families working together in this ministry. In response to this desire and requiring full patch members to be male riders, we have decided to start Glory Riders Ministry Team. Non riders, females and children can wear the logo of the team and minister at events.  Families are the backbone of society, so I believe we should minister together when at all possible. Besides, this gives the whole family ministry training on how to minister and share the Gospel with those who ride and hopefully burn the same burden we have into their hearts to carry on this Ministry for years to come.

If you are of like mind and faith and love to ride, please contact us.

The Lord bless you and yours!

Bro Kenny