Glory Riders Motorcycle Ministry of Indiana

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Must be Born Again Christian male, and have been Baptized by full immersion.

Must believe in using the KING JAMES BIBLE as the authority for belief and doctrine and that it is without error.

Must have a Glory Riders sponsor to apply for membership. If no member is local you must use the National Director or the Founder.

Completed Application with testimony of your personal salvation.

A fee will be collected from each Prospect only to cover cost of patches.

Prospect period begins after paperwork is done and accepted.

Complete the requirements of a Prospect.

There are no membership dues.

The Prospect time period will be determined by the Congregation Leader you will belong to,  and/or National Dir. and Founder.

Must be an active member during the Prospect period and thereafter for Soul Winning. 

Must have a bike and motorcycle endorsement on your divers license, and must ride (with your congregation) at all times possible.

Prospect and his Sponsor will appear before the membership at the end of probation and/or any other time as the membership declares, for a full vote and presentation of the Congregational patch, center patch, MM cube, and GLORY RIDERS Top rocker, if you are accepted. 


This patch is one of the final patches received along with the Top Rocker, Center Patch, KJV Cube and MM Cube.  During your Probationary time you will get the bottom rocker.  The GLORY RIDERS top rocker and Congregational Patch and Center Patch and both Cubes are bestowed upon you at the end of probation. Then and ONLY then do you become a GLORY RIDER. It is an honor and a privilege to ride for Our LORD with other GLORY RIDER BROTHERS IN CHRIST.

Do Not bring shame upon the ministry. If you do we will come for recovery of your patches. Your patches on your back and the Congregational patch remains property of Glory Riders Motorcycle Ministry, if you leave or are removed they MUST BE RETURNED IMMEDIATELY. This is in the event of your resignation in good standing or if you are removed for various conditions such as lack or involvement, bad continued misconduct, etc.  


Read the King James Bible, and if you are Saved by His Grace Through Faith, this is the only rule book necessary.  The requirements above are only for membership purposes and the Prospect period is there to maintain the true principles of the motorcycle club world and to enable you to effectively become aware of their club protocol so that when we are out soul winning among bikers we are not disrespectful to them.  This also teaches you respect for each GLORY RIDER and therefore creates the tightest of Brotherhoods, as not only are we Brothers in Christ but, Brothers in the Wind.  Prospecting is a time of learning MC Protocol, and Brotherhood; it is NOT about riding style. You should already know how to do that. It is a time to Pray and study God's Word with others and be a soul winner. 

One very strong addition is a code of conduct which maintains that we WILL NOT be involved in another club’s business or gather information on any club's business for the purpose of law enforcement.  We will not affiliate with any club and therefore will not be in their business.  This is not an encouragement to break any laws.  We do not want to ruin our effective witnessing position, as our only goal is to show bikers the way to Salvation and Eternal Life through Jesus Christ.

There will be no rules, no fines, and no punishment handed out for Ministry Members. This information tells what is expected.

We do not want rules and officer titles. WHY? Secular organizations do that and so do governments. That leads to worldly desires and egos that make a man step on others to get to the top. We are Brothers in Christ, some more mature in walk with Christ, and with different gifts. We will use them and acknowledge them out of love and respect so the Lord can work through all of us.

If you desire to join to achieve a status or position, PLEASE do not join.  

If the world requires us to incorporate or create structure we will but we will not go by those titles.  i.e. Chapter meetings with secretary, treas., president and so on. 

Our title are to be few as possible: 

Founder (self explanatory); works closely with National Director.

National Director; conducts control and direction over the USA Congregations and States. Works in concert with the Founder and vice versa, to keep smooth functioning.

State Director; belongs to his local Congregation and maintains control over his state and relies closely on National Director.

Congregation Leader; maintains control over local members and prospects, and relies on State Director.

Member duties

A greater responsibility after probationary period is over.

There are no rules per se except to uphold the brotherhood and congregation as your family. The level of commitment should be to do what the rest of the Ministry does together. 

Participate in helping at runs, swap meets, and charity events with the public, and clubs, and do the same at GRMM events. Pass out GRMM Tracts!!!

Be a Soul Winner-Remember to witness and help bring the lost to Jesus Christ. 

Honor and respect your Congregation Leader, as you should your Pastor.

Pray without ceasing, Study His Word. 

Scriptural Key to Member Duties:  Revelation 3:15-16  I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. (KJV)


When there are five patched members wearing the Congregational patch it is a Congregation (called chapter in MCs). The first one in each state will be  Congregation #1 in each state and then Congregation #2 and so on. It is the two letter designation on each Congregational Patch.

Each Congregation has a Congregation Leader.  Either the first member or one chosen prayerfully by the Congregation. Matthew 20:25-28  But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chiefamong you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.  

The Congregation is like an independent church with the Congregation Leader as the Pastor, or Minister (may or may not be).  All members make up the Body. 

The Congregation Leader is usually the first member or is chosen by the members openly and verbally.  He remains the Congregation Leader until he has chosen to leave the position, retire after 5 consecutive years of membership or, by agreement of all in the Congregation, he is replaced by the Congregation and with approval of GRMM Founder and State Director, and National Director. 

Meetings, Reports, Minutes, Finances

This is the good part. There are none. You can have a meeting of the Congregation to discuss what to do, goals or desires, and then to agree and do them. We do not need minutes, motions, seconds, and voting.  Just discuss it, agree and go do it.  If some don’t agree, they don’t go.  We are mature men, Christian men; we should all agree to do the Lord’s work.

Money, pass a hat; there are no fees, no dues. God will provide if He doesn’t there is nothing to say.  If you want to have a motorcycle event to charge the public, I say don’t do that. Do the event and let the Lord provide donations through a box or something. We are here to help win souls to Christ, not to milk the public for our cause.

Christ will provide for you or you fund yourselves. If you have a chili feed or hog roast open to bikers, let them donate.

ABSOLUTELY NO selling of admission tickets or entrance fees. Seek donations only.  Do not charge so much a plate, or a bowl, etc.  If you believe it is ok for a 50/50 then I think that is ok as you are giving away gifts and half the money.

We only want to hear the good things God is having your Congregation do, and the lost being saved.

Now GO, save the soul nearest Hell

Chris Johnson, Founder/FL Director

Kenny Yeck, National/IN Director

We wear name and office tags on right side of vest above pocket area. The 4" chest patch goes above the NOTW  tag and it goes above left pocket. The congregation patch is to be below left pocket area. Contact Bro. Kenny for precise location and spacing of our back patches. The only other patch allowed on the back with our colors is the REV.19:11-16 patch .